Why would I use the Data Populator?

Working with real data during the design process instead of using Lorem Ipsum is a good way to go to get measures right and a better feel for the actual proportions and content. It can however be time consuming to enter all the content manually which is why Lorem Ipsum is still used a lot. With the Data Populator plugin using real data in XD becomes as easy as using lorem ipsum.

Screenshot of the plugin in XD


  • Populate with preset
  • Populate with JSON
  • Populate from URL
  • Last used data

Our Evaluation:

The Data Populator is a great asset for your XD workfow. It is probably a bit complex for beginners but professional users will most likely rely heavily on this helper, especially in larger projects with several iterations. But it is also a huge time saver when creating mockups and experimenting with variations. Having real data at your fingertips plays well with the general speed and flexibility that you find in Adobe XD.


Data Populator is created by Precious Design Studio, Hamburg/Germany