Why would I use Mimic?

When working on a redesign or creating a new interface from scratch – it is helpful to be able to build upon existing artworks. With this plugin you can extract information like colors, font families, images etc. from any existing website right into your XD project with a single click. This way you can make sure to work CI conform and especially quickly create variations and mockups for potential clients without having to use stock footage or undergo tedious lengths to manually grab assets from the existing website.

Screenshot of the plugin in XD


  • Enter URL of any website and start analysing
  • Extract colors, font names and images
  • Automatically generates artboards with all extracted data
  • Combine as many sources as you like

Our Evaluation:

Mimic is very practical with a straight forward use case. The benefit is that it is very easy to use (practically takes only one URL and one click) and works for both beginners who don’t want to start with a blank canvas while exploring Adobe XD as well as professionals, who are to redesign existing sites or want to get inspiration for their own creative work.

Mimic is created by Simon Widjaja, André Jay Meißner, Daniel Connerth