Why would I use Rename It?

Rename it allows you to improve the structure in your XD project by renaming the selected layer, sequentially renaming layers in ascending or descending order, locating parent elements or even find and replace layers. This allows to focus on your creation and design process first and experiment with variations quickly and then worrying about proper naming your layers and artboards conveniently afterwards.

Screenshot of the plugin in XD


  • Rename current layer
  • Rename layer with height or width
  • Rename parent layer
  • Find and replace

Our Evaluation:

Rename It is a small yet handy improvement to your XD workflow. It saves you a lot of time and effort since you don’t have to go through each layer or artboard in your project manually or search for it in the layers panel. Especially advanced XD users are likely to use this plugin frequently.


Rename It is created by Rodrigo Soares