Why would I use Review?

Keeping control over larger XD projects can be a time consuming job, especially when you make constant changes to experiment with different design and layout variations. Adobe XD is super handy in this regard, but it is very easy to loose track in the process: Which and how many Fonts are used? Are the colors used in the project compliant with the CI/CD? Do I use the same color throughout the project or do I have deviations? Review is your perfect helper here and provides an instant summary over these essential pieces of information.

Screenshot of the plugin in XD


  • Scan your current XD project for inconsistencies
  • Overview of all colors used
  • Overview of fonts used
  • Number of anchor points

Our Evaluation:

Review is a very pragmatic plugin for XD. Instead of shiny features it focuses on quality insurance in a professional workflow, similar to for example preflight in indesign. It can save you a lot of time and trouble when you can check your designs with a single click before handing it off to a client. Since it is so easy to use, it is also a valuable plugin for XD beginners to better understand what is going on in their project. It definitely won’t hurt to have this little helper by your side.

Review is created by Toughmedia, Joely Tafanalo