In this video, we’ll covering the new features such as:

A new feature that enables the creation of beautiful animations between artboards on a per-object-basis. These can include but are not limited to: object position, layer opacity, parallax effects and more.

Voice Triggers
One exciting new feature is voice triggers, and speech playback. Artboards can now be linked together by specific voice commands that are provided to Adobe XD, before a pre-defined action is then taken. Adobe XD now also supports speech playback, where you can enter some text, and Adobe XD will repeat it back to you.

Drag Gestures
You can now simulate a real-world dragging gesture, enabled a user to swipe between content in any direction, something that’s especially cool in a prototype, whilst viewing on a mobile device.

Linked Symbols
Essentially, symbols is Adobe XD enable you to create one instance of an object, and then reuse that object multiple times, will any changes being updated across every instance of that symbol. In this latest update, symbols can now be linked (and relinked) between separate Adobe XD documents.