Why would I use the Personas Plugin?

The use of personas is by now common practice in every Design Thinking process. Looking for the right template however and customizing it to your needs can be tedious. You also don’t want to create new personas from scratch in XD for each project. The Personas plugin is here to help. It automatically generates the required amount of personas. You can chose between different templates and styles – e.g. using vector or stock images for avatars. Also the different values can be easily adjusted.

Screenshot of the plugin in XD


  • 3 different Persona templates (more to come!)
  • Vector, realistic and “metal” portrait styles
  • Generate up to 12 different personas with one click
  • Choose between different languages (currently: English and German)
  • Completely customizable in XD

Our Evaluation:

+ No XD or Design skills required
+ Free-to-use images and assets
+ Randomly generated portrait images and names
+ Fully editable

– No global colors (yet)
– Only German and English currently supported


No additional requirements needed.

Useful for:

Pre-Phase (User Research)


Personas is not only fun to use but a powerful weapon if you want to take UX seriously. Creating personas in such a fast and convenient way should be the starting point for every project. It also invites collaboration with clients to help in the design thinking and decision making process. It is therefore highly recommended for beginners and pros alike.


I have already used the Persona Plugin in several workshops and it still amazes me how productive and fast I can create and develop Personas on the fly in meetings.

Daniel Connerth

Trendspurt GmbH

Personas is created by Simon Widjaja, Sabrina Janullek and Daniel Connerth, Trendspurt GmbH

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